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Join me at 2 upcoming digital events

November 2, 2010

I wanted to make readers aware of two upcoming events. One is on November 17th in NYC – Social Media Boot Camp for Healthcare Executives.  This is a must-attend for all of you who:

  • Know what Twitter is but have never actually used it — nor understand why anyone would
  • Have heard that patients are “talking about their conditions” but you’re not sure where to find them
  • Have a Facebook page but didn’t know that hospitals, non-profits, even pharma brands had them, too

The idea is to help those who have not had an opportunity to get grounded in social media get up to speed quickly.  Many folks do not understand what makes new media channels like Twitter, YouTube or Facebook relevant to their professional lives. Beyond the general social venues, in the health space there are physician-only networking sites, disease-focused forums, patient and doctor blogs and drug review sites to keep tabs on.

The goal of the 4-hour immersion session is to provide participants with the tools they need to understand and engage in relevant social media effectively, efficiently and knowledgeably.  I will be teaching a portion of this  organized by NYC Health Business Leaders.  So will my friends at Heartbeat Ideas, including CEO Bill Drummy, SVP of Strategy & Client Services Nadine Leonard and VP Marketing Solutions Janelle Starr. Heartbeat is graciously hosting the program at their amazing HQ on Hudson Street.

Another conference I will be attending is Marketing to the Digital Consumer – A Healthcare Perspective on November 10th and 11th in Parsippany, NJ. Bill is speaking twice and the Heartbeat gang will be there along with many others in the digital space. Topics that interest me include:

  • Digital Won. Now What Do We Do? A Trail Map for Health-Care Marketing in a Digital World
  • 5 Pharma Digital Marketing Trends & Consumer eHealth Trends Brands Need to Know for 2011
  • How Online Patients are Transforming the Doctor-Patient Dialogue
  • Understanding the Center for Digital Democracy’s Opposition to Interactive Marketing for Health Care Communication
  • The Great Digital Debate: How Should Health Care Marketers Appropriately Use Digital to Effectively Communicate with Consumers?
  • Market Research Session – Three Perspectives on the Use of Digital Marketing in Healthcare
  • Pharma Digital IQ Index: Ranking the Digital Competence of Pharmaceutical Brands

Please let me know if you’ll be attending so we can meet up or tweet up @bunnyellerin.

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